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In addition to his research and consulting, Gary regularly presents at companies and firms and at conferences. He also presents to professional association chapter events including:

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​​​​He received his Ph.D. and Ed.M. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from what used to be called the Department of Educational Organization and Leadership. He completed his bachelor's degree at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

After graduating, Gary worked for organizations in departments involved in training, performance improvement, knowledge management, or quality assurance. He has held titles including manager, senior instructional designer, director, and senior manager. Organizations he worked for include:

While working at FIS, the International Society for Performance Improvement, more commonly known as ISPI, designated Dr. DePaul as a Certified Performance Technologist (CPT).

"I refine, transform, and add insight about this thing called "leadership" so that others can learn to lead in highly effective ways."

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Gary DePaul is a speaker, author, and leadership curator. Through his business, Gary DePaul Leadership Consulting, he helps organizations identify gaps between what executives expect managers to do and what managers actually do. Gary is also the owner and facilitator for HR Leadership Curators.

Gary is the expert on how leadership is radically changing in the 21st Century. He analyzes the best of what leadership books have to offer and writes about the critical leadership patterns discovered among the books. The process he uses is called meta-analysis, and the technique effectively examines leadership holistically. Dr. DePaul used this technique to discover the recent trend from traditional to 21st Century Leadership, which is the focus of his Nine Practices leadership book.

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