Developing your leadership practices on your own is like professional athletes trying to develop their skills without coaches. In Gary's updated Leadership Development Model, most of the development work happens after training or reading leadership books. Gary can coach executives through the development phases after formal training.

"Leadership teams" often and unintentionally function more like a group of executives than a leadership team. Gary guides executive groups in their transition towards a leadership team.

The Business-Leadership Consultation Process

​Each phase has researched-based techniques and align with the CPT Performance Standards developed by ISPI members.

Organizations such as firms and corporation often provide leadership events for their employees. Gary is available to speak at these events. Talks focus on how leadership is radically changing and are customized for each audience.

Before providing a keynote, Gary researches the organization and interviews key individuals and employees.

To serve communities, Gary provides public talks - most pro bono - about how leadership is radically changing. All talks are customized to meet the needs of the audience. These talks are available for organizations and associations such as:

Keynotes for Organizational Events

Public Talks

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Gary A. DePaul provides these services:

  • ​Public talks (most pro bono)
  • Keynotes for organizational events
  • Leadership team advisory
  • Training department consultations
  • Executive coaching

Services Gary Depaul Leadership Consulting Keynote

  • Conference keynotes
  • ATD chapters
  • Professional specialty-interest groups
  • Armed forces (U.S. military & law enforcement)

Typically, training departments (also called Leadership & Development or Talent Development) are chartered to provide their organizations with leadership development. The challenge is that most programs do too little, focus on traditional leadership competencies, or confuse management with leadership.

Using the Business-Leadership Consultation Process (shown above), Gary works with training departments to improve how they help members of their organization practice 21st Century leadership.

Training Department Consultations

  • Chamber of commerce
  • SHRM chapters
  • ISPI chapters
  • ​Conference concurrent sessions

Training Department Consultations

Image of Gary DePaul's business-leadership consultation process

Leadership Team Advisory

Leadership Curator

Gary A. DePaul, PhD, CPT