The Most Effective and Responsible Clinical Training Techniques in Medicine

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"If you believe that the broad aim of clinical instruction is about teaching medical procedures, you're wrong. Whether an attending, a faculty member, or another type of clinical instructor, believing this can hinder the learning process."

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Even though UMI published the first edition nearly two decades ago, Gary DePaul's research findings and implications are even more relevant today.



"I read this book with great interest as someone who works with the healthcare profession to adopt the evidence-based principles and practices of human performance technology. Gary does a great job integrating sound learning theory and performance improvement insights that focuses on producing valued results the patient and caregiver want. I highly recommend this book to any healthcare professional who wants to climb to a higher achievement level of impactful learning events and performance outcomes."


Tim Brock, Ph.D., CPT, CRP, CDT(S&L+)
Director of Consulting Services
ROI Institute