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Indie Author

Expert in HR & Leadership

2020 Publication


Available in eBook, paperback, and (soon) audiobook

Cover of the book, "What the Heck Is Leadership and Why Should I Care?"
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Bought my copy on Kindle and read it in one sitting!

"If you learn (or if you have employees who learn) from meaningful narratives, this is a great read. The leadership principles are deep, but the meat of this book are the rich examples of leaders influencing others for mutual benefit. There must be over a hundred stories of effective leaders - and a few not-so-effective - each is useful and instructive and it's nice how they're all collected here.

And, if you happen to like cats, the chapter illustrations are a bonus."


- Chris, Amazon book reviewer

Powerful, Personal and Practical Leadership Concepts

"This is the second book from Dr. DePaul I have had the pleasure of experiencing. Yes, experiencing since his writing style is so conversational that you feel he is talking with you. The concepts are irrefutable and understandable and aspirational. Reading the book will be inspirational which is Dr. DePaul's intent - All of us are leaders and his tools give us resources be the leaders others will appreciate and admire."


- 3P Coachsulting, Amazon book reviewer

5-Star Review

"DePaul is persuasive and sincere as he defines leadership, examines obstacles and prejudices, differentiates a manager from a leader, and ultimately motivates us as individuals to stand up as leaders."


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