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Underlying the seven principles are 26 beliefs.

Keys to Effective Leadership

For anyone at any career level!​ 

Thirteen Faulty Traditional Leadership Assumptions

Gary A. DePaul, PhD, CPT​

Gary DePaul management consulting

Seven Principles of
21st Century Leadership


HR Strategist
Leadership Consultant

 Productivity Press published Gary DePaul's Nine Practices of 21st Century LeadershipAvailable at:

Unlike many leadership books, Nine Practices doesn't focus on competencies, what global leaders believe, or using fables. Instead, the focus is on three things:

   1. How leadership is changing in the 21st Century

   2. Nine practices that everyone - regardless of career 
       level - can apply to their role

   3. A roadmap for developing your leadership practices

Along with the book, you can access several free resources on this page. Over time, we'll add more to the list below.